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Caring for the sick

Photo by RahabThe local name for HIV/AIDS pandemic is “I MUST KILL YOU”. In the sprawling slums of Ngando about 50% of the residents carry the disease; many dismiss it with a gesture of hands, suggesting that it is just like any other flu that affects people. There are so-called carriers who test negative repeatedly while their various partners test positive and die of the disease; it has become a mystery even to the medical fraternity.


We have a fellowship group for HIV positive women. HIV/AIDS victims have multiple problems, the major one being how to get daily food. The food that the church provides for this group is not enough per day; they need double the amount. Some of the patients do not have access to adequate medicines – Host pharmacy of Dagoretti Corner has donated substantial quantities of drugs and Dagoretti Corner Laundry Shop has donated a lot of second hand clothes to the group. It takes 100 Kshs ($1.30) per day to feed a HIV/AIDS victim; but they are getting only 10/= (13c) per day. Many people would say it is better than nothing. The church hopes to double the weekly donation for the feeding program if possible.




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