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Church Growth

Photo by Mark MullaOne of our methods of church growth is not recommended for others. It involved the unwitting assistance of police on Sunday mornings when crime levels were at their highest in the area. The Dagoretti Corner slums were so dangerous that when groups of 2 or 3 policemen attempted to enter the area to arrest criminals, they would lose both uniform and firearms to the slum dwellers.

The police therefore decided that they would dispatch a contingent of 300 policemen every Sunday from 9.00am to 1.00pm to flush out criminals in the slums – at a time when all the God-fearing people have gone to churches. The plan worked perfectly well. For six weeks running the police raided each Sunday and arrested over 100 suspected offenders, carrying the detainees away in big lorries. Several of those who feared arrest would jump out of house windows in pajamas and race to church at high speed and join in singing a hymn along with the congregation. The police would not pursue them further.

One day a drunken lady in a bid for escape, raced into the church interrupting the sermon and asked us to pray for her, which we did. Later on she confessed that she had a gun in her house she wanted to surrender. She received Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour that day. Presently she is HIV/AIDS positive and terminally ill.



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