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How you can help

Photo by RhodesThere are very many needs in our community, and accordingly there are numerous opportunities for you to help in our work, depending on your intersts and areas of expertise. Whilst we welcome donations, we prefer ongoing partnerships with churches and schools, in which you can learn from us while we learn from you.

We are currently running a broad array of programs ranging from primary and secondary school education to support for victims of AIDS to vocational training programs in the fields of dressmaking, carpentry, motor mechanics and music. Useful research and training projects might include: teacher training at pre-school, primary and/or secondary level; identifying suitable income-producing activities; assessing effectiveness of current training initiatives; assessing effectiveness of current informal medical and health education programs; training in small business start-up and administration; training in entrepreneurship; training in computer skills.

We are currently considering commencing new projects amongst the rural poor in a Maasai area about 100km from Nairobi. There are numerous opportunities for people to undertake university-level research projects of 3 to 6 months' duration in this area in the fields of poverty, disease and rural community development.


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