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Our Ministry

Photo by KimitiDagoretti Corner Baptist Church, which is situated in the middle of 5 slums, has a membership number of 260. Since we commenced in 1988, we have been able to assist over 30,000 people living in the slums. Most of the people amongst whom we work suffer from the effects (whether as victims or perpetrators) of crime, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, prostitution and joblessness.

Our initial efforts to assist people had little positive effect. In the context of the slums, evangelism without accompanying social action was ineffective because people with obvious needs would listen only to a person who addressed those physical needs as well as spiritual needs. Projects in the form of self-help and grants worsened the situation and created a high level of insecurity for us because the availability of funds resulted in several attempted robberies. We discovered that the adult slum population had become relatively resistant to any changes in attitude or practices.

We have therefore concentrated our efforts over the years on reaching children and young people, and through this work we have witnessed some remarkable changes and improvements.




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