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Kanini's Story

Photo by KimitiKanini enrolled in the tailoring program in 1998 after dropping out of school at the age of 14 after her parents died of HIV/AIDS. She was employed as a house maid in Nairobi near Dagoretti Corner and she earned 500/- (around $7.50) per month which she used to send home to help her 5 siblings who were staying with their uncle and attending primary school. Kanini had dropped out of school at standard five and could barely read English to pass any trade test exams set by the Directorate of Industrial Training. She worked hard and stayed focused on her goal to succeed in life and prayed to God for divine help.

After 2 years of training both in tailoring and life survival skills Kanini sat and passed the trade test exams in 2000. She got married to a jobless youth in the slums and set up a tailoring shop with one sewing machine (3000/=) which was her wedding gift from a couple in the church in which she was married. She become the family bread winner and today she owns a tailoring shop which enables her to pay for house rent and buy food, and to care for her 3 children and jobless husband. He at times cares for the children when she is very busy with customers. Her shop is just near William Mwangi’s motor repair shop. They share something in common: they are both D.C.S.H.C. alumini –1998 class



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