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A Dog's Story

Photo by JamesLast year a dog foraging for food in the Ngong forest one night found an abandoned baby, carried it home, and looked after it until morning. The dog's owner immediately upon discovering the baby arranged for it to be sent to Kenyatta referral hospital and the story of the dog’s heroic rescue episode was broadcast in the early morning news countrywide. Several curious reporters rushed to the slum village with many other curious citizens.

Companies manufacturing and selling dog food offered the dog free food for the rest of her life. Kenya Welfare Society for Animals came and took the dog and its 13 puppies for medical treatment and offered to build a kennel. Television crews from various media house arrived in style and the owner of the dog (whose five children attend one of the schools which we support financially, Ngando Preparatory School) was given a big press conference; he narrated how the dog increasingly developed love for babies from puppy stage continued to play with children until it rescued “baby Angel”. However he lamented how he had no food to feed the family, yet the dog was going to be fed on the finest dog food and receive free veterinary services for the rest of its life.



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