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Our story

Photo by Caroline KibuWilliam Eyika was a flying instructor in Uganda until a civil war forced him to escape to Kenya in 1987 as a refugee, together with his wife Grace and two sons. Their three daughters had previously been evacuated to Kenya.

After arriving in Nairobi with no money and no possessions other than $100 borrowed from an American missionary, William and Grace decided to begin a ministry assisting refugees and other people living in poverty in the urban slums of Nairobi. In 1988 they moved to Dagoretti Corner, one of the poorest areas of Nairobi, and started the Dagoretti Corner Baptist Church and its associated community development organisation Dagoretti Corner Self Help Group, while William studied part time to become a Baptist pastor and worked part time as a flying instructor to provide some income.

Since 1988 the church and the community development work have grown to the extent reflected in these web pages. We have also assisted with the planting of a number of other churches and the commencement of a number of other development projects in the Nairobi area. Our work has been financed and encouraged by partners from many different countries. We invite you to visit us and consider joining with us in the work.




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