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In recent years, Kenya has experienced good and bad times. The general economic trend statistically has been good, with a 3.8 GNA increase. However, the slum dwellers and rural population have had a downward trend of events.

Many slum dwellers have been rendered jobless following the breaking down of illegal structures “Zimbabwe style” with no compensation. As a result several have resorted to robberies with violence or drinking changaa (an illicit alcoholic brew) laced with methanol. Several people have died so far even after the government has cracked on changaa dens. In some rural areas, the roads are impassable after the heavy rains washed the fields with unharvested crops causing floods and deaths. This has occurred in the Western and North Eastern parts of the country. Several areas are feeding on donated World Food Program supplies. Several schools have been supplied with such foods.

The Government also evicted people from forest areas with no alternatives. Many schools in those areas were demolished, affecting over 10,000 children and over 1000 homes. The government's promise of creating 500,000 jobs has not come to fruition.

The bulldozers came to Dagoretti Corner at 2am one day in July when we were asleep and erased kiosks, shops, hotels, salons and shades. Thieves looted most of the items in the confusion that ensued. The armed police were on standby in case there was a riot.

Some of the utterances of Kenya's politicians have angered citizens. The Vice President recently said that Kenyans should start eating rats, snakes and insects, as this would reduce famine. People said he should start himself as an example.



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